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First founded in 2009 by Jonathon Roberts, Gems In The Country Crystals, was started through Jonathon’s fascination in crystals and their healing properties, over the past 12 years the collection has grown massively and Jonathon decided to restart his website in 2021 in order to help people find out more about crystal healing. 

Crystal Healing

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I have written an extensive list of my recommended crystal healing books so that you can see what are the best crystal books to buy. Explore my library which is updated regularly with more books.

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I have created a Crystal Healing Guide to help you learn more about the healing properties of specific crystals. I’m currently developing the list of healing properties and soon will be releasing a list of healing properties, so watch this space!

Amethyst Healing Properties


Develops intuition and spiritual awareness

Smoky Quartz Crystals

Smoky Quartz

A protection stone which stimulates survival instincts and enhances focus

Citrine Crystals


A crystal for abundance