Orange Natrolite – Spirit helper and powerful clearing stone

Orange Natrolite?? I know what your thinking, Natrolite is normally white! But this is a rarer variety which is actually orange.


This was discovered in the late eighties approximately 30 miles from the Saint Marie Aux Mines area of France, a well known location in the crystals and minerals industry as the location of the annual ‘Ste Marie aux Mines Mineral Show’. Since first being found, this crystal has been found in many other locations.


Natrolite is a spirit helper that helps you to raise your consciousness, and enables you to quieten the negative mind chatter and soothe the nervous system. This stone is perfect for opening the transpersonal chakras – the Causal and Soul Star chakras. Natrolite is a very powerful clearing stone, and is also a good aura cleanser which enables you to clear any negative energies and psychic attacks which are harmful. As well as being a powerful clearing and cleansing stone it can also dissolve any negativity.

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