What are the most common crystals?

Introduction to Crystals

The primary components of crystals are carbon and water. They contain molecules that vibrate at a certain frequency. This frequency can be measured and is known as ‘vibrations’.

The vibration of different types of crystal affects people in different ways, and they emit positive or negative energy depending on how an individual feels about them.

Crystal healing utilizes the helpful vibrations emitted by crystals to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Crystals can be used to charge other objects, such as talismans (a type of charm) and amulets (an object worn around the neck or head for protection against evil).

There are several common crystals that are most commonly used in crystal healing, including Amethyst, Quartz, Citrine, Selenite, Aventurine, Jade, and Tiger’s eye.


The most common type of crystal used in healing is amethyst. It varies in shades of purple or lavender, with some containing veins of white running through them. Amethyst is naturally occurring quartz with a hexagonal crystalline structure. It is associated with the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Pisces; it has powerful metaphysical properties that make it particularly useful for spiritual purposes.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystals are very common in nature and can be found at most professional mineral dealers. They are readily available and easy to find, which explains their popularity among crystal healers. It exists in many different colors, including pink, green, yellow, white, or clear quartz.

Citrine Quartz

Citrine is one of the most popular types of quartz crystals because it resembles gold when cut and polished to perfection. It has a radiant golden glow that makes it well-liked among stone collectors. Citrine also possesses metaphysical properties associated with manifestation, abundance, and success.


Selenite is another type of crystal used for cleansing purposes during healing rituals because it attracts negative energy while simultaneously emitting positive vibrations throughout the surrounding environment. It should be kept underwater where it can dissolve any negativity into pure energy.


Aventurine is a type of stone with deep green quartz that resembles jade. Its metaphysical properties are associated with prosperity, abundance, good luck, and vitality. It helps to promote health in general, which makes it useful for overall well-being purposes.


Jade is an exotic-looking clear gemstone found in different colors, including green, lavender, or white. The white variety can be used instead of a diamond to cut glass due to its similar hardness rating. Green jade crystals resemble the shape of leaves, whereas blue ones are shaped like flowers. Jade has been associated with longevity and wisdom since ancient times because it was thought to provide protection against evil forces while encouraging happiness, love, and health when worn around the neck.


Amber is a golden-colored gemstone formed from the fossilized resin of pine trees that were buried underground for millions of years. The sticky substance then solidified into different forms that resembled tree gum. It is associated with health, vitality, and well-being because it has protective properties. It also promotes luck in love affairs as well as prosperity according to ancient traditions.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is normally found in brown or yellowish-brown color but can sometimes be green too. It has been used since ancient times to provide protection against evil forces due to its metaphysical properties, which are similar to those associated with amber. It also enhances courage and provides protection during one’s journeys into unknown territories, which makes it useful for protection purposes.

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